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We Don’t Do Transactions

We are looking for Utah companies we can help grow over the long-term while helping us develop our marketing agency at the same time. We’re not looking for a quick transaction.

Why You Need an SEO Consultant for your Business

Marketing is often one of the most neglected aspects of small business investment. Learn why investing in SEO should be a key.

How Writing SEO Made Me a Better Writer

I’ve spent two decades working on my writing, but I’ve seen the most growth as a personal writer since writing online, using SEO tools and techniques.

Getting Started with SEO

We outline the basics every Utah business owner should understand prior to hiring an SEO company.

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What Makes Us Unique from Other Utah Agencies?

We Specialize in Marketing Services for Mental Health Providers.


We have extensive experience writing for licensed therapists. We can quickly add high-quality content about mental health topics to your website, helping you to rank in Google. Generate the new clients who are looking for you. What sets your clinic apart? Let us communicate that to your local market.

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Types of Businesses that should Invest in Digital Marketing

Specialty Construction

Consumers love learning about construction, choosing options, and educating themselves prior to making a purchase. A whole entertainment industry has been built around educating consumers.

Technology Companies

With science always changing, it’s likely you’ll need to invest in explaining what makes your technology company cutting edge to the average person.

Mental Health Clinics

If you are a mental health practitioner, you should not just own a website. You should be adding useful content to your site as a thought leader in your field, educating the public about how to live a more mentally sound life. And it will help grow your business.

Commercial Construction

A large commercial project is worth a lot to a construction company. Finding the right customer can be enormously profitable. Investing the small amount necessary to win that contract makes too much sense.


This industry has dramatic innovation and requires a lot of technical expertise. A digital marketing campaign can help your biotech company explain to customers what sets you apart from the competitors.

Plastic Surgery

Both competitive and lucrative, local plastic surgeons must set themselves apart while offering unique specialized services. Investing in both SEO and advanced advertising strategies will be essential.

What People Are Saying about the Buzz Author

“Buzz author has improved my website ranking and helped to increase not only traffic to my website but also to bring in new clients and business. Buzz author is continually … improving my website in order to keep the content [relevant] and up to date. Buzz Author always checks in before making changes in order to ensure that the changes are indeed what I want our branding and business message to be. Buzz Author is great at asking questions in order to learn what our business does that is unique and the specialties we offer and challenges we may face.”

What People Are Saying about the Buzz Author

“Pithy, humorous and insightful, The Buzz Author highlights, article by article, opportunities for growth for small business with engaging clarity and experience.”

What People Are Saying about the Buzz Author

“Clear and concise writing, with ideas for improving a situation instead of simply being critical.”

What People Are Saying about the Buzz Author

Wade is the kind of guy who can take the big picture and put it down on paper in actionable steps. His sharp intellect provides the kind of candor that you want in a business. He pushes himself to always make projects better, and always get them done in time for the critical deadlines.

Have You Thought about Writing a Book?

Whether you have a novel you’ve been dreaming about, or you want to write a non-fiction book about the industry you’ve been working in for years, we can help you find a ghostwriter to move that dream into a reality.