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Many companies struggle to find customers that are the best fit for them. New businesses rely on the clients they can easily sell to, rather than trying to upgrade the quality of their prospective customers.



Do You Need Leads?

We can help.

    Are You Struggling to Reach Your Marketing Manager?

    At Buzz Author, you can always reach your marketing specialist. Communication is tougher in today’s marketplace. Text messaging making it easy to not speak with your customers and hear their concerns. We strive to do things differently.

    Find out what sets us apart from other digital agencies in Utah.

    How Does SEO Work Today?

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has changed a lot in twenty years. Some principles stay the same. Learn the steps we use.

    Not Sure if Content Marketing is a Smart Investment?

    Digital marketing is not right for all small businesses. Find out if this method will help your company grow and become profitable.

    Are You Telling a Brand Story?

    Learn how we use storytelling basics in all of our copywriting.


    Is Your Business Tough to Explain?

    Are your company’s products or services so complex, so new, so revolutionary, it is difficult to put into words? You’re in luck! We specialize in difficult-to-communicate brands.

    Why Start Local?

    Marketing to everyone in the world is expensive. If you’re just starting out, we will help you target customers in the ideal location.

    We Specialize and So Should You

    Our Ideal Clients Are Mental Health Clinics


    We have a lot of experience writing digital content for licensed therapists. Whether your business is here in Utah or somewhere in the U.S., we can quickly add high-quality pages about mental health topics to your website to connect with local customers.

    What Sets Your Local Business Apart?

    Do you have a niche? Whether your company is in the mental health field or you work in another competitive market, let us communicate more clearly to your community your specialties in your industry.

    Specialty Construction

    Consumers love learning about construction, choosing options, and educating themselves prior to making a purchase. A whole entertainment industry has been built around educating consumers.

    Technology Companies

    With science always changing, it’s likely you’ll need to invest in explaining what makes your technology company cutting edge to the average person.

    Mental Health Clinics

    If you are a mental health practitioner, you should not just own a website. You should be adding useful content to your site as a thought leader in your field, educating the public about how to live a more mentally sound life. And it will help grow your business.

    Commercial Construction

    A large commercial project is worth a lot to a construction company. Finding the right customer can be enormously profitable. Investing the small amount necessary to win that contract makes too much sense.


    This industry has dramatic innovation and requires a lot of technical expertise. A digital marketing campaign can help your biotech company explain to customers what sets you apart from the competitors.

    Plastic Surgery

    Both competitive and lucrative, local plastic surgeons must set themselves apart while offering unique specialized services. Investing in both SEO and advanced advertising strategies will be essential.

    What People Are Saying about the Buzz Author

    “Buzz author has improved my website ranking and helped to increase not only traffic to my website but also to bring in new clients and business. Buzz author is continually … improving my website in order to keep the content [relevant] and up to date. Buzz Author always checks in before making changes in order to ensure that the changes are indeed what I want our branding and business message to be. Buzz Author is great at asking questions in order to learn what our business does that is unique and the specialties we offer and challenges we may face.”

    What People Are Saying about the Buzz Author

    “Pithy, humorous and insightful, The Buzz Author highlights, article by article, opportunities for growth for small business with engaging clarity and experience.”

    What People Are Saying about the Buzz Author

    “Clear and concise writing, with ideas for improving a situation instead of simply being critical.”

    What People Are Saying about the Buzz Author

    Wade is the kind of guy who can take the big picture and put it down on paper in actionable steps. His sharp intellect provides the kind of candor that you want in a business. He pushes himself to always make projects better, and always get them done in time for the critical deadlines.

    Have You Thought about Writing a Book?

    Do you want to write a non-fiction book about the industry you’ve been working in for years? We can help you find a ghostwriter to move that dream into a reality.

    Tough Sell?

    Some local companies (therapy clinics, doctors, and attorneys) struggle to drive word of mouth. Find out how to solve this problem.