LEARN our steps for digital marketing success!

LEARN our steps for digital marketing success.

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing

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Digital Marketing Services


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Making Life Easier

for Utah Area Entrepreneurs

Operating a business is very complicated, which causes enormous amounts of stress for business owners and their top leaders. Keeping customers happy requires understanding the complexity of your industry and executing consistently.

Communicating that complexity in a simple and clear way in a busy marketplace is very difficult. The smartest entrepreneurs often hire a digital agency, specializing in content marketing to tell others what they do in a clear way.

Learn more about how a marketing agency’s services can do to help your small business and make your life easier.



Digital Marketing Today

Marketing in the modern technological age is increasingly complex. Anyone can easily build a website on free software, but building a professional system of digital content that ranks in Google, delivers consistent leads, and converts users into customers requires professional know-how.


We Take the Time to Understand

Learning what you do, why you do it, and how you do it better than your competitors is our essential role as marketers.

We know how to ask the most insightful questions to help us understand your brand. It is through in-depth research that we succeed at creating the best digital media in your industry and local community.


3 Steps of Content Marketing

In order to communicate effectively through your marketing material, it’s vital for us to understand exactly what sets your company apart in your industry. We explore three aspects of your small business:

What do you do?

How do you do it?

(Most importantly) why do you do it?

We don’t merely seek a surface level of understanding of your company. We strive to learn your brand and where it is positioned in your industry at a deep level.


Marketing that Pays Attention

Sometimes you need to talk with a real person and solve the problem today. At Buzz Author, you can get a digital marketing professional on the phone. We will start working on your website immediately, not wasting a moment.

Marketing Products

We offer a variety of digital marketing products to our clients to help them be successful in their various campaigns.


Website Builders

We design engaging websites using the top website building software.


Google Analytics

We will help you understand how your site is performing at converting users into customers.


SEO Analytics

We use software that analyzes your digital content’s performance, providing top-level reports every week.



The purpose of marketing is to communicate with potential customers your authority in your industry as a brand. There are standard steps for verifying legitimacy online with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other important platforms.

This also involves designing your digital content for the customers you are trying to attract. Some people merely want the big idea. Others need a lot of information before they are ready to decide who to do business with. Some people make decisions based on their emotions.

Digital marketing professionals create online content that helps your ideal clients understand your brand at a level of complexity that meets their standards. When clients know the right amount of information, they will trust hiring you. The quantity of knowledge about what you do varies from person to person. Offering customers the volume of information at the right level of complexity is the key. Some customers are looking for a big value proposition. Some want in-depth data. Others need to connect emotionally with your values to do business with you.

Our Utah agency creates media that matches you with your ideal customer’s level of need for information. We may need to create content at all three levels to engage with different types of customers.


The Customers You Are Trying to Attract

The most sophisticated, highest paying customers want to understand your brand, not merely at a surface level, but at three levels of complexity–pragmatically, emotionally, and intellectually.

High-quality digital media is designed to attract ideal customers. It offers a practical value proposition, a level of emotional human interest, and the most complicated degree of understanding of your services.


We Ask the Questions other Digital Agencies Don't

At Buzz Author we specialize in asking unique questions, developing an in-depth knowledge of what you do, crafting the smartest digital strategy for your small business and location.

Asking the right questions and developing a marketing strategy is a difficult skill-set to teach others. We only work with marketers who have the talent for asking the right questions to understand your brand.



Improving the quality of a webpage can be broken down into a series of steps that can be delegated to employees with a checklist. What cannot be taught or delegated is the fundamental curiosity needed to comprehend an entrepreneur’s brand in a deep way.

We make sure that an expert marketing professional, someone skilled in asking creatives questions about your brand to interview you and sets up the right content marketing strategy. We focus on understanding your business and communicating to customers why they can trust your expertise.

We Have a Checklist!

We use a very careful list of steps as we go through the process of optimizing websites and online media.

We use these steps as a jumping-off point for creative content creation, not the end in-and-of-itself.


Our Values

Do our core values as a company match your corporate culture?


Learn emotionally from the past, but don’t anguish over it.


It is far more clever to be kind than cruel.



Strategically plan for the future by asking the right questions.

Our Marketing Philosophy

As information is becoming commoditized, companies produce value for consumers through the design, organization, and use of data, constructing their strategy into productive systems.

At Buzz Author, we build marketing systems that harness the power of information, focusing our services on flawless execution.



The heart of marketing is creating a series of messages that connect with customers, share your entrepreneurial values, and demonstrate that you have the emotional intelligence to care about what is most important to the customer. Let us create a messaging plan for you.


A good proportion of the people landing on your marketing content should ask to know more, connect with you, and do business with you. Your conversion rate is a practical execution of marketing tactics and sales. See if we can help turn more users into buyers.


Find the smart strategy for your business, whether through SEO, content marketing, social media advertising, traditional channels, or some mix of all of these. If you’re not sure how to invest in marketing, hire us as consultants to evaluate your plan.


How Does SEO Work Today?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has changed a lot in twenty years. Some principles stay the same and in some ways things are very different. Learn the steps we use.


Start Local

If you are a small business here in Utah, it may make sense to focus on a local marketing campaign before embarking on a global strategy. There are many advantages to focusing your strategy at a local level. Google favors companies trying to show up in a local region, offering services to a local community, and building an online reputation in your town or city.


What Sets Your Local Business Apart?

Do you have a niche? Whether your company is in construction, mental health, legal, or the tech industry, let us communicate more clearly to your community why they should do business with you.


Are You Telling Your Brand Story?

Learn how we use the principles of storytelling in all of our copywriting, whether we’re writing content to promote products, services, or your small business’s brand.


Small Businesses We Specialize in Helping

Home Construction

Consumers love learning about construction, choosing options, and educating themselves prior to making a purchase. A whole entertainment industry has been built around educating consumers about home design, remodeling, and the building process..

Technology Companies

With science always changing, it’s likely you’ll need to invest in explaining what makes your technology company cutting edge to the average person.

Mental Health Clinics

If you are a mental health practitioner, you should not just own a website. You should be adding useful content to your site as a thought leader in your field, educating the public about how to live a more mentally sound life. And it will help grow your business.

Commercial Construction

A large commercial project is worth a lot to a construction company. Finding the right customer can be enormously profitable. Investing the small amount necessary to win that contract makes too much sense.

Not All Experts Are Pros!

Are you unsure whether your current marketing agency is doing everything needed for your small business? There are many professionals here in Utah who do graphic design, web design, development, and SEO.

Perhaps you should consider consulting with us to see what we think would work best. If your current professionals are doing a good job, we’ll happily tell you. If not, we’ll help you find the right agency that fits your needs.

Maybe some high-level digital journalism can add a little depth to your digital domain. Maybe an SEO update is in order. Whatever you need, we’re happy to offer professional digital consulting for your small business.

Tough Sell?

Some local companies (therapy clinics, doctors, and attorneys) struggle to drive word of mouth because there is a stigma around their industry. For example, if you needed a criminal defense attorney, sex addiction therapist, or proctologist, it’s unlikely you’d tell all of your friends about it on social media.

Find out how to solve this problem.


Have You Considered Writing a Book?

Do you want to write a non-fiction book about the industry you’ve been working in for years? We can help you find a ghostwriter to move that dream into a reality.