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Why you Need an SEO Consultant for your Utah Business

Marketing is often one of the most neglected aspects of most small business investments. Learn why investing in SEO should be a key

How Writing SEO Made me a Better Writer

I’ve spent two decades working on my writing, but I’ve seen the most growth as a personal writer since writing online, using SEO tools and techniques.

Getting Started with SEO

We outline the basics every business owner should understand prior to hiring an SEO company.

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Types of Businesses that should Invest in Digital Marketing

Specialty Construction

Consumers love learning about construction, choosing options, and educating themselves prior to making a purchase.

Technology Companies

With technology always changing, it’s likely you’ll need to invest in explaining what makes your company cutting edge.

Mental Health Clinics

There’s a lot of useful content to share to potential clients, demonstrating expertise in your field.

Commercial Construction

A large commercial construction project is worth a lot to a company. Finding the right customer who is searching for you can be enormously profitable.


Any industry where there’s dramatic innovation and technical expertise needed is prime for a digital marketing campaign.

Plastic Surgery

Both competitive and lucrative, local plastic surgeons must set themselves apart while offering unique specialized services.