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We are a digital marketing agency in Salt Lake City and Utah County, specializing in high-level content creation. There are a lot of marketing companies out there, especially in our state. It can be challenging to know who to trust with your marketing budget, so we get it when you cower in fear when advertisers call you and harass you. 

We try not to come across that way if anything because we’re reformed hipsters who are very embarrassed about our interest in making enough money to pay our bills.

Truthfully, Agencies Provide SEO Work with Varying Degrees of Expertise and Levels of Success

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You should ask a lot of questions before you choose an agency. Whether we are the right fit for you, we’d love to have a conversation with you about it, and if we’re not the right fit, we’ll be honest with you about it and help you find the agency who is.

Are you Surprised to Hear Us Say That?

You might be surprised to imagine that we wouldn’t want you as a client or hear us say we’re not the right fit for you. But frankly, in our experience, good agencies should say “NO” to customers a lot more often.

It’s a huge investment in time and resources to take on a client. We have to hire employees and infrastructure to support a new customer. We are looking for longterm relationships with our clients. We’re not looking for quick transactions to make a fast buck. If you get the impression that a marketing or advertising agency wants a one time fee–RUN!

01: What We Do

Too often companies invest a lot of money on items unnecessary to doing business. Having a nice office in a cushy part of town is a fine luxury when you have customers. But if you don’t have clients you can’t afford those extravagances. Lots of money is spent every month just keeping the doors of a company open. Too many companies waste money on frivolous expenses when they’ve failed to invest properly on the first expense–finding customers through marketing.

We shift the focus of your company from being “open for business” to becoming a sales and marketing focused company. We help you drives sales month after month after month, until you are begging us: “Please stop! We cannot keep up with the growth.”

That’s the kind of problem we want you to have. Those are the kinds of problems we create at Buzz Author.

02: How We Do This

We conduct extensive interviews with our clients. We know how to ask the right questions that find what’s unique about your brand and sets you apart in your marketplace and industry.

We then create systems for creating cutting edge content to communicate exciting media for your website and on other digital media. We want to find your ideal customers and educate them about what you do. Through the process of developing entertainment and educating digital media, you have the ability to establish a connection with a potential customer that past generations only dream of.

What’s amazing about today’s marketplace is that many of your ideal customers are already looking for you. And we can use advanced metrics to see exactly how many of them there are, and what exact terms on Google they are searching for. We call this inbound marketing and it’s awesome. LEARN MORE

Too often companies are looking for a quick transaction. But modern enterprises understand that long term profitability is about establishing a connection with a particular type of customer who you can sell lots of different types of products and services to overtime as trends shift and technology changes.

03: How We Keep Costs Down

We are not the least expensive marketing option in the industry, but we make a great effort to provide the highest value possible.

We take the time to understand your business. We then delegate some of the work to outsourced marketing professionals in other countries, giving you a hybrid of personalized and discount services. We think this gives you the best of both worlds, allowing you the custom content creation you’d get a boutique agency, while a lot of the value you get at a more discounted firm.

04: About Our Company

Every company is filled with people and all people are special, so we’re not going to give you a sob story about why we are more special than all the other people in all the other companies.

But we are pretty rad. Buzz Author is owned by Wade Mann. He worked for several years in retail management before he realized that standing all day in a retail store sucks and who wants to do that all day for the rest of their lives? He was promoted to the corporate marketing end of that industry, which seemed like a pretty good gig, where he got to tell other poor suckers who were standing all day for a living how to do their jobs.

Then, on a fateful day in 2008 the bottom fell out of the economy and Wade found himself unemployed. Oh, and like the day after that he found out his wife was pregnant with their first child. The universe was piling on. Now he felt like a sucker because no one was hiring a retail marketing expert in 2008.

Jump forward a few years, after a few lousy jobs selling windows and insurance, and Wade found himself finally back in marketing, but this time doing what he loved–learning SEO and content marketing and helping small businesses find customers.

Wade soon developed into a senior account manager overseeing the marketing of many different types of businesses.

Why Start a Company

Truthfully, it would have been easier if Wade had stayed at the agency where he learned to love digital marketing. Owning a small business is really hard. You make less money than you imagine and it’s way more stress than it’s probably worth. Entrepreneurship is an infection we don’t wish on our worst enemy. But if you happen to be infected, we think we can help.

Contact an account manager today at Buzz Author and learn how we can improve your digital marketing strategy.