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We specialize in marketing services for mental health professionals like licensed therapists and psychologists. In today’s uncertain world, many consumers here in Utah need mental health assistance. There has never been a greater demand for competent therapists. The clinics that can meet that demand will thrive in the next few years.

Ironically, in the tumult of 2020, some mental health clinics have struggled to keep their clients, failing to provide online therapy fast enough and market to the new demand. As in any period of economic change, there is a large opportunity for companies who can adapt quickly.

01: Why Choose Buzz Author?

Our owner, Wade Mann, earned his degree in psychology. Rather than becoming a licensed therapist or psychologist, he decided to start a career in marketing, first in retail management, and then working at the corporate level for a prominent global company based in Utah.

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After several years in retail, Wade shifted into the fast-expanding world of digital marketing. He worked for a digital agency where he gained experience with many different companies in various industries, executing diverse SEO strategies. Then, in 2018, he founded Buzz Author.

Marketing Focused on Mental Health Clinics

In 2020, Wade decided to focus his agency on the mental health industry. Although we can help any company in any industry and are happy to consult with anyone, we’ve decided to make mental health the primary area of emphasis of Buzz Author. We believe there will be a massive demand and need for these services in the coming years. Buzz Author is uniquely qualified to offer therapy clinics a level of knowledge, expertise, and experience to generate leads quickly, at a level of value you are unlikely to find at most other marketing agencies.

02: Why Content Marketing Is an Ideal Investment for Therapists

We know as a business owner, you’re constantly bombarded with options for marketing and advertising. We’re sympathetic if you feel confused, overwhelmed, or hesitant to try another marketing campaign. Maybe some marketing has worked for you in the past and other types of have not. You’ve likely already invested in a website, some SEO, and content marketing. Whether you’ve seen some success, had mixed results, or it was a huge failure, we understand if you’re skeptical.

Here’s why we believe in online marketing for therapy clinics:

People Want to Know What You Have to Say

Many potential customers want to read articles, view videos, and listen to podcasts on your website about mental health topics. When people start down the path of recovery, educating themselves on therapeutic issues becomes a life-long pursuit. A licensed therapist’s website is more than just a marketing tool; it’s an essential part of educating clients and the public.

This isn’t the case for other industries. Content marketing is trickier for some types of companies. If you’re a plumber or own a dry cleaning company, this may not be the right type of marketing for you.

We See You as Partners

At Buzz Author, we love creating content for licensed therapists. It’s the perfect industry for digital marketing and our growth model as a small agency. Not every company is the right fit for every marketing company. When we consult with a potential client, we’re honest about whether we’re a good fit for their business. If we’re not, we help that company find the best agency to fit their needs. When we take on a new client, we see them as a long-term partner. Finding the right client is key for every company’s profitability, including ours.

If you run a mental health clinic, we understand your industry. We’ve invested a lot of time learning how to write about what you do. Consequently, we know how to create an endless stream of digital marketing material for you.

So Many Types of Counselors

There is a large variety of mental health counselors and clinics. So many therapists have different types of education and experience levels. Some get degrees in social work, some in psychology, and others in marriage and family counseling. It isn’t very clear to consumers who they should choose.

With the variety of mental health centers a person can choose between, all with different areas of specialty, the public is understandably confused. A potential client may be well or poorly suited to your clinic. It’s no wonder the public can be so bewildered when looking for help. Potential patrons will often feel exceptionally frustrated, roaming from one therapist to another, never finding the mental health services they need.

As a business owner, you may also feel irritated. If you are trying to find your ideal group of clients, you can become constrained, constantly forced by your insurance carriers to treat certain customers, making it challenging for your clinic to stay profitable and grow. Maybe you’d prefer to push your area of specialty in a different direction. You won’t get the right experience as a therapist unless you’re in front of certain clients. But how do you find them?

03: Therapists as Thought Leaders


Many mental health experts have also become intellectual thought leaders to other mental health providers and the public at large. Whether it’s your goal to become a public speaker conducting TED Talks, to write a book, or to host your own podcast, having a digital strategy is critical.

Start Local

Any marketing strategy starts at a local level. Is your business showing up in a local search on Google? Are you receiving phone calls and web messages from potential clients? Is your local clinic thriving? Before you start writing your book or planning your TED Talk, you need a strong local business. We should begin with some basic and necessary content marketing steps. Buzz Author can make that happen.

04: Advocating for Mental Health


We’ve dedicated our agency to mental health because we believe it actually makes the world a better place. Much of capitalism and consumerism doesn’t. But we’re pretty sure that more people would benefit from getting in front of the right therapist or psychologist.

More People Need Help

We also believe that even though there are a lot of practitioners out there, not enough people in Utah are receiving the mental healthcare they need and deserve. When people need help, it can be very challenging for them or their loved ones to find the therapist that fits their needs. When they consult with their insurance provider’s website, a lot of times the information is inaccurate, out-of-date, and not helpful. Often, the mental health problems that may cause a patient to need to see a therapist are private. The person may not feel comfortable asking their friends to recommend a therapist.

Connecting the Right People with the Best Possible Specialist

Finding an expert often means making phone calls to many local clinics and asking numerous questions to less-informed receptionists until finding someone who might help.

Most therapists don’t invest enough time and money to provide information online to potential clients about the types of therapy they offer. People aren’t finding the right expert to help them when they need it.

We want to change that. We want to help educate consumers about the different types of specialists that exist in their communities in Utah. We are committed to connecting the right experts with the people who need guidance.

If you own a therapy clinic, want it to grow, and want to be more involved in improving the mental health in your local Utah community, contact us now. We want to help.