The Power of Marketing Your Utah Clinic’s Mental Health Services with Video on YouTube

As a therapy clinic, you have a problem other local small businesses often don’t, which is that your clients don’t usually want to tell others that they work with you and help you grow through word of mouth. As a marketing agency, we specialize in marketing for therapists with this branding challenge. 

You also have a lot of competitors in this industry, making it doubly challenging. As an entrepreneur, you know and understand one of the fundamental principles of succeeding is doing what your competitors are unwilling to do. At Buzz Author, we are committed to doing what others are not, helping you find your ideal clients and become profitable. As we look across this industry in Utah, we are surprised to see so few therapy clinics using YouTube marketing.

When you’re trying to stand out in a crowded marketplace, one of the best ways to differentiate from your competitors is through investing and producing online videos and then marketing them properly on YouTube or the right social media platform. Few clinics have invested in video marketing and know how to execute this strategy effectively, which means there’s an opportunity for those willing to try it.

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    Make Your Marketing Content Better

    The best way to jump to the front of a competitive marketplace on Google is to do what the other therapy clinics are not doing online. As a digital marketing agency here in Utah, we’re continually asking the question: How do we make this webpage better than all the others we are competing against? We want to jump to the top of the search page on Google.

    Educate Clients

    Adding useful short-form videos to YouTube gives potential clients crucial information about why they should do business with your mental health clinic. It can make a big difference if customers are choosing between different therapists. You’ll have a significant edge over more prominent, perhaps more well-known therapy offices. Well-made, well-marketed videos, properly embedded on a webpage, push your page up the search page in Google for some important marketing reasons which are about to become evident.

    Why YouTube?

    Did you know that the company that owns Google also owns YouTube? It would be smart to assume that the search algorithm this company uses to rank local companies can access the data in YouTube videos. Adding occasional, well-produced, professional, and optimized for local search videos is a clever tactic for local mental health clinics trying to outperform their competitors.

    01: Before Worrying about the Marketing, Produce a Good Quality Mental Health Video Explaining In-depth Useful Information about Your Specific Services

    The first goal of a good YouTube marketing video for mental health is to focus on a particular subject. It should be very targeted, explaining in clear and beneficial terms, your ideal clients can understand the information they will find helpful. 

    Handling Misperceptions and Fears about Mental Health

    Many clinicians can use videos as an opportunity to alleviate common fears about the therapy process. You can explain the advantages of professionally treating emotions looks like to your clients’ lives in practical terms. Videos give you a chance to address the guilt people often feel taking those first crucial steps into treatment, and you can alleviate that feeling. 

    Just seeing a friendly face using calming words without blame, who seems to understand what a person is going through, can make a massive difference in helping prospective clients choose your clinic and want to do business with one of your therapists.

    Length of Your YouTube Video

    The length of videos on YouTube can vary. In general, we’d say people consume shorter content online. You’ll find YouTube videos as short as a minute, up to a couple of hours long, depending on the topic.

    Ultimately, the rule of thumb is this: Your video should be the appropriate length for the subject matter. So, if you have two-minutes-worth of content to share, make it two minutes. If you have an hour-worth of content, make it an hour. Whatever the length, we’ll want to edit it tightly to keep the audience’s attention continually. 

    Don’t bore your audience. When viewers get distracted, they will click off the video. Jumping off the video midstream will negatively affect the metrics and approval score and the content’s marketing quality. Consider where the low points in your video may be, and be willing to edit appropriately. 

    If you have a lot of content, more than five minutes in length, breaking the videos into smaller subtopics and linking them together into large playlists, and adding the links in the description can be a smart decision. 

    02: Optimize it for SEO Around the Marketing Purpose of the Page it’s Being Embedded on

    The name of the video should roughly match the keywords you’re trying to optimize your page around. A trained SEO marketing expert will want to go in and add keyword content to the title and description and other essential elements of your video to make sure Google understands how to read your video.

    Many companies merely upload their video to the online platform and think that’s enough. It’s not. There are SEO-best practices for uploading YouTube videos, making an enormous difference for local small businesses. Therapy clinics and psychologists trying to reach a specific local market on Google will benefit from hiring a content marketing company that understands how to add video content to their website.

    Once a video is uploaded and optimized on YouTube, you’ll also want to embed it onto your webpage, which has also been targeted around a series of search engine optimization practices to help your page rank in local search. The combination of marketing a page using SEO tactics and adding a useful YouTube video is often what most local businesses do not do and can make all the difference. This combination of a well-made marketed video with a well-constructed webpage will lift your content above the rest of your competitors.

    03: Learn More about Video Marketing Your Utah-Area Mental Health Services

    If you own a therapy clinic, if you’re trying to connect with specific local clients, you should consider learning about video marketing. It’s a very wise investment of your marketing dollars in today’s age. Your future patrons consume so much content online through YouTube, on social media, and through smartphones, and they often prefer their media to be audio/visual.

    Work with an Expert Who Understands How to Build Video Content 

    If you’re struggling to build online content, talk with a content marketing specialist today who understands how YouTube and can work to communicate your clinic’s unique knowledge about mental health to the community. Combined with a smart SEO strategy, you can find the ideal clients looking for your services over time. At Buzz Author, we specialize in helping therapy clinics, online marketing, and YouTube optimization. We can help you find the right mix of marketing, which can be the key to growing a profitable mental health clinic here in Utah.