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Profitable digital marketing for small businesses requires a smart balance of services. Skilled marketers consider how to drive users to digital content, the best way to clearly engage emotionally with that audience, and learn how to convert users into paying customers. Small businesses should also train their customer service team to connect with leads, using questions to guide clients through the decision-making process.


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3 Categories of Marketing Services

Every small business needs to consider three essential aspects of marketing.

1. Brand Messaging

2. Conversion

3. Digital Strategy

As you examine the options, you will find the right mix of services that fit your needs.

1. Branding & Messaging

How targeted is your marketing? Many companies tell generic stories that don’t interest customers. We help you find unique, personal, and engaging marketing messages that tell captivating stories about your brand. Our goal is to inform, entertain, and inspire customers, motivating them to do business with you.

2. Digital Marketing Conversion

How well is your digital marketing content converting users into customers? Are people staying on the landing pages you have created because they are learning, or are they quickly bouncing off? Are they exploring your site, clicking on links, and searching out your social media platforms, or are they failing to connect?

3. SEO Strategic Marketing

Deciding how to find new clients through marketing is vital. Whether you choose to pursue digital SEO or pay per click advertising, whether you focus on content creation on your website, or start conversations on social media platforms, it’s critical you work with a consultant or agency that helps you find the best strategic options for your brand and industry.


Branding & Messaging

Everyone in marketing wants to say they do “branding.” It’s the sexiest part of marketing because it elicits images of smoke-filled rooms on Madison Avenue where beautiful people create high-concept advertising ideas.

The reality is that all marketing incorporates branding. Things have changed much with the addition of digital media, but at the end of the day, whether we’re creating SEO content or traditional advertising, targeting your marketing around key brand messages that elicit important emotions is essential.


Storytelling for Small Businesses

A digital marketing agency that knows how to promote your small business has experts in brand storytelling. This term “story” is bandied around a lot in business, but few understand copywriting in the context of story and content marketing.

Digital Conversion Marketing

Driving users to your website and other online platforms is a waste of the business owner’s money if users bounce off the page, are not emotionally inspired, or are unconvinced to click and learn more.

We focus your media on the goal of engaging with your audience, inspiring them to browse and learn more from you as experts in your industry. We want to motivate customers to spend more time on the page, click on the links to learn more on other pages, find answers to their most pressing questions, and ultimately to contact your sales team to start the buying process.

The Sales Part of the Conversion Process

The sales process is also a component of conversion. If you’re spending a lot of money to show up in Google’s search results, yet struggling to close the sale, something is wrong. As marketing consultants, we take the time to train everyone involved in the conversion process at your small business. We want everyone to succeed.


Graphic Design Services

A lot has changed in graphic design with digital technology. Many people have access to consumer design products like Canva and think they can produce professional media.

Although we all have access to a lot of design tools, there’s something to be said for a professionally designed website, logo, and digital content like infographics.

Don’t just try to do it yourself. See what a designer can do for your brand. We think we can help you communicate more clearly who you are as a company to top level clients.


UX Design

The big term you may see marketing companies promoting is, “UX Design.” What does this mean? It means website design that’s focused on the “user experience.”

As digital conversion marketing has merged with data analytics and graphic design for the web, marketers have also focused on development that is optimizeded for mobile devices.

Are you think about the user experience as you design your website?


It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes


Digital Marketing Analytics

A key component of any digital marketing campaign is to measure performance.

Google also offers free tools for analyzing traffic and conversion and your website. These tools are free, but complex comprehensive in their application.

It is likely also useful to use paid services for keyword analysis. We use SEM Rush as a tool for evaluating keywords and tracking your website’s performance over time.

The digital marketing agency your small business is working with should be sending you regular reports, whether weekly or monthly, to demonstrate performance and hold all people involved in your marketing accountible.

Marketing Strategy & SEO

Sometimes SEO gets a bad rap. Early on in Google search, websites were able to manipulate the algorithm with spammy content. But these days, your small business’s website must be legit in order to drive traffic.

There is no better way of proving your legitimacy in the marketplace than through a well-thought-out SEO strategy, involving the creative publishing of content media on precisely chosen platforms, driving users to pages on your website, and persuading them to become clients.


Local vs. Global Marketing

Most startups would like to connect with a global marketplace, but the cost and workload of connecting with the entire world, or even the United States, is not always feasible. It usually makes sense to target your local market first, build your systems, and generate cash flow.

For many small businesses, like contractors, doctors, or therapists, connecting with local customers is essential. Whether you’re strategically choosing to build customers or a reputation in your community, or a local presence is the primary goal in your industry, we can help.