Marketing Services Offered in Utah by Buzz Author

Content Marketing

Whether you need useful articles written on your website or videos produced to help inform potential clients about what makes your local small business unique, content marketing is an invaluable mode of promotion.


Marketing used to exclusively be about branding. It was more of a guessing game. In the 21st Century, the principles of building brand acceptability aren’t dead, but are perhaps more sophisticated, with advanced metrics and social media to consider.

Website Copywriting

What sets our digital agency apart from other marketing companies is our ability to create top-level copywriting. We have the very highest standards. 

SEO Marketing

SEO marketing services have become advanced and competitive in the last few decades. Whether you’re merely trying to grow a local business in Utah or you want to build an entire online enterprise, having a digital strategy is key. You’ll need some advanced web development tools to help along the way. We may be able to help.

Local Marketing

If you own a small business in Utah, it may make sense to find customers in your local community. We offer special digital services for locally-focused businesses. Google actually gives local companies some advantages to be discovered online. 

Social Media Marketing

In the old days, anyone could build a social media following in their bedroom and easily create a small business. Now, you need professional advertising help. Find why it works this way and how we can help you keep your marketing costs low.

Ghostwriting Services for Utah Professionals

Are you a professional who’s considered writing a book for other professionals? Do you need a ghostwriter to help you put your ideas onto paper? We don’t just produce online content. We can help you publish a book and market it. At Buzz Author, we can help you through this unique creative process.

Mental Health Marketing Services

We specialize in helping licensed therapists and psychologists in Utah build their mental health practices through smart, strategic digital marketing. Find the right services that fit your business model.