It’s Time to Invest in Content Marketing for Your Utah Small Business and Start Growing

Most small businesses in Utah know about content marketing. They know most are companies are investing in their websites. Maybe you’ve tried it in the past and they didn’t see the results you wanted. Maybe you got burned by a marketing agency that didn’t know what it was doing.

But it’s time to face the reality that there is an enormous opportunity to make money selling whatever it is you sell to the customers who are looking for you online. The Internet has revolutionized business for a simple reason–It’s given marketers enormous amounts of data about what people are looking for online. It used to be that we had to guess about wants and needs, but now we can look up very precise analytics about the exact words and phrases, putting numbers onto the phrases, giving us a very good idea on the demand for what kind of demands for products and services exist in the market place.

01: Content Marketing Is Ideal when Customers Are Looking for You

Whenever you are starting to brand any company and decide how to sell its products and services, the marketing team must as have to ask a very basic question: Are people looking for what we sell? 

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    Are there a lot of people searching for what you produce. Does there seem to be a demand for your services. Are there other companies competing for these customers? Whatever you conclude, you must contend with these facts. Marketing analytics tools give you insight into your market reality.

    What Is Content Marketing?

    Content marketing is the science and art of examining this supply and demand in the information space, which gives you a lot of useful data you may not have had prior to the Internet. It’s also the creation of digital content, which connects a targeted customer with online articles, videos, and other types of media that inform, entertain, and build brand loyalty. When done well, this type of marketing promotes your company in very precise ways that can be measured and profitability can be easily ascertained.

    Ultimately, we call targeting customers who are looking for your products and services inbound marketing. It makes implicit sense that it would be easier to acquire customers who are looking for you rather than trying to convince clients who are not.

    02: But, What if No One Is Looking for what I Sell?

    Sometimes companies come up with new technology, new products, and services that are so groundbreaking, so novel, no one would ever think to look for them or accept them in the marketplace. No one was searching for touch screen smartphones before Steve Jobs invented and launched the iPhone to the world.

    If you’re creating a product or service that is so groundbreaking, no one even knows to look for you, you have a very particular marketing problem. You may need to focus on outbound marketing, which can be more traditional advertising methods like television, print, and public relations. If so, you definitely need a marketing consultant because selling your product or service is far more challenging.

    What Problem Does Your Unknown Product Solve?

    If your product is new, that doesn’t mean you should completely avoid inbound marketing. One trick content marketers can use with unusual products and services is to see if there is a problem your brand solves for consumers which they are looking for online? There may be search phrases on Google that we can rank for that specifically address this need, but it may not be obvious. This is where an advanced SEO expert can really help.

    Creating a Customer Persona

    Another strategy a creative digital marketing agency can employ is to determine who your ideal customer is in the form of a customer persona. By isolating some of the key features of your customer type, we can then reach out and advertise to them on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube through social media advertising.

    Customers who fit this persona may not know who you are, or that they want to buy your product, but when they do hear about you they will want to buy from you. By creating customer personas, some of the most innovative brands have added new products to the marketplace that many consumers didn’t know they wanted, but there clearly was an unknown demand.

    03: Finding Your Marketing Niche and Understanding Your Strategy

    If you own a small business in Utah, chances are you don’t have the resources a large corporation like Apple has to advertise its brand. There is a special sweet spot you want to be in, where you can find a niche market, where people are searching for what you do, but you don’t have a lot of competition. You don’t want what you sell to be so outlandish, so unusual, it’s difficult to persuade consumers into using your service or product in their everyday life.

    Whatever the solution you choose, we can help you understand the opportunities, the costs, and the benefits of different marketing avenues so we can help you craft a strategy that works for your very particular brand.

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    The challenging aspect of the content marketing industry is that we know we have to deliver results every month to keep our customers. We can’t fake it. We must generate new leads month-after-month to our Utah clients, or we know we’ll eventually be fired. Our business model isn’t profitable unless our clients stick with us over the long-term, so we have to be good at this; we have to continue delivering results without fail. It’s kind of a brutal business to be in. But we love what we do. We love providing results to clients.

    It’s exciting seeing companies connecting to new customers through a steady stream of leads through their online marketing efforts and growing in ways they haven’t experienced before. Find out what that’s like today.