Why Your Utah Company Needs Help Marketing on Social Media

In the early days of Facebook, if you owned a small company, you could start connecting with your little specialty group of customers on the social network and engage in powerful ways for free. Those were the halcyon days when entrepreneurs could make enormous wealth on the Internet without much investment, easily teaching themselves how to use social media marketing.

Those days are over.

If you own a company in Utah, and you want to use any of these platforms to make money for your small business, it’s clear these social media companies have changed the rules. The good news is we at Buzz Author have some marketing options to keep the cost reasonable. 

Social Media Companies Want You to Pay to Advertise

Nothing is free anymore in this marketing space. It’s a pay-to-play industry now. These massive companies expect you to advertise with them when you post on their websites to show up on potential customer’s feeds. It wasn’t always this way. Their business model is different now; you must now play by their rules to communicate with potential customers.

Find Help with Social Media Advertising in Utah Today

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The platforms themselves have become costly to use; they require professional-level assistance to use them successfully. If you use this mode of advertising for your company, you should make sure you manage the expense effectively.

01: Why Use Social Media for Marketing your Utah Company

There are lots of conflicting opinions about social media. Maybe you love spending your extra time browsing on Facebook or posting images on Instagram. Perhaps you don’t have time for any of it. You may think social media is the beginning of the coming apocalypse. As a business owner, it is essential to put those personal feelings aside. 

We’re not going to make a moral argument about whether social media is a good or bad thing for society. Whatever your attitude about this technological shift, the fact is digital interaction in some form is likely here to stay, and it’s a business opportunity for you as an entrepreneur.

A New Technology and Advertising Opportunity

An excellent way to think about social media is the beginning of what computer scientists think of as virtual worlds. You’ve likely seen The Matrix. It’s kind of like that, but much a simpler version.

Facebook was the first largescale place where most people in the world went to live and communicate virtually instead of physically. The fact that these social sites became advertising platforms was probably inevitable. Since we live in a capitalist society and fill most of our physical spaces with commerce, it makes sense we’d do the same with the first major virtual worlds too.

As a business owner, you must ask: Do you want to take advantage of this venue? In our judgment, it’s a valuable space to take tactical advantage of in particular situations.

Social Media Company’s Offer Value to Consumers and Advertisers through their Knowledge of Users

Facebook and LinkedIn are an opportunity for small businesses to advertise for the same reason marketing on Google’s AdWords platform is advantageous. These companies have a significant amount of information about their specific users.

How They Gather Data

Whenever someone posts an angry political post on their Facebook feed, that platform learns some crucial facts about that person. They can start correlating other data points, learning what particular preferences they may have. Over time, as more information is shared and the person clicks on specific posts, the social media company can create a very accurate profile of what type of consumer they are and predict how they may buy in the future.

A More Customized Experience for Users

Again, we’re not going to say whether this trend towards giving these companies all this personal data for free is good or bad for us as a society. Maybe you think it’s a little creepy, and that would be understandable. The fact is, it’s a new reality every person who uses the Internet lives in. It also occurs every time people search on Google or browse on Amazon.

These sites and companies are honing their knowledge of us, trying to better advertise to us. These corporations will argue they are merely offering a more customized experience for their users, presenting us more of what we would want to buy, and perhaps there is something to that argument. We will let you make that judgment for yourself.

The question you have to ask as a business owner is whether you want to take advantage of this advertising opportunity. Many of your competitors likely are, while it’s available.

02: Be Very Targeted with Social Media

iThe advantage of advertising with this technology is that it allows you to consider each social media network’s specific purposes. For example, LinkedIn is designed for professionals. If you are trying to hire or create a professional development group, advertising on this platform may be your best marketing strategy.

Whatever the site, consider the unique features of the user platform, how that best serves a group, and what type of specific marketing service that can provide you.

Can Social Media Work Selling Business-to-Business?

What if your company sells directly to companies? People manage every business, owners and employees alike, who all often use social media. So, you can’t discount social media marketing as a means of associating with the critical people you need to know.

Suppose you know you need to connect with people who work in art departments in the textile industry. Several social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn have personal data to advertise to these precise people.

How to Use Facebook

Facebook’s website is the largest of all social media companies and has become one of the industry’s most significant advertising players. If you run a small business in Utah, you should be considering Facebook advertising as a marketing option. People share so much personal information on their Facebook feeds; it can be a valuable advertising method for many companies in most business categories.

For example, If you’re a contractor looking for people who could be making early indications they are ready to remodel their home, Facebook will connect you. Suppose you have an extremely unique commercial concept and don’t even have an industry yet. In that case, Facebook can get you in front of people who are open to early adoption of new ideas and showing signs they may have the problem you can solve, even if they aren’t explicitly looking for what you sell.

Lots of Social Media Sites for Specific Purposes

Some sites are designed to promote a specific trade. Houzz is a powerful website in the home improvement and construction industry. Some platforms, like Yelp, are intended to be online review sites with a social component.

Whatever the angle, understanding the pros and cons of advertising on these different sites can be tricky. The sales representatives from the various companies will often be quite pushy, acting like advertising on their site is the best idea since the invention of butter.

Consulting with a marketing advisor not represented by the social media company will help you know whether an advertising option is worth the investment. At Buzz Author, because we rely on on repeat clients over the longterm, it doesn’t benefit us if our customers lose money, which is easy to do advertising on these sites. But there can also be opportunities if you’re smart and very tactical in your use of these digital platforms.

03: Don’t Forget about Landing Pages

When you advertise on these social media sites, the obvious question you have to ask yourself is: Where are you going to drive customers to your website? Remember, you’ve spent money sending people to the page. It’s essential the webpage function properly. You don’t want to screw this up with a faulty page with verbiage that doesn’t convert people into customers or a contact form that acts glitchy.

Designing a sales page is as important as how you’re posting on social media sites. This is one of the reasons why social advertising has become such a specialized marketing skill. You’re not going to be able to do this with a homemade website.

It is worth paying to have the page professionally copy-written to ensure it converts users into paying customers. Sales pages are produced using special software designed for this purpose. It will need to be professional put together with the focused purpose of encouraging people to contact you. You will need access to custom graphic designers and web developers to ensure your sales page works correctly.

Google is Watching

Anytime you’re driving a fair amount of traffic to your site, Google notices. We’ll need to think about the content on the sales page you are promoting on social media from an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) perspective.

At Buzz Author, we are experienced SEO managers and can help you plan this out. Facebook or Instagram can start a process of generating a steady stream of leads every month from people searching for what you do online. If we add these pages correctly, they can be found by Google users in the coming months.

Depending on your industry, content marketing on your website can be a more reliable and stable form of promoting your brand over time, making you less dependent on social media companies’ pay-to-play business model.

Get Professional Marketing Help

We know social media is controversial. Whatever your attitude about this technology trend, you need to consider these marketing options to grow and be competitive in your industry. Whether your Utah company is trying to sell directly to consumers or businesses, it’s clear that you need the help of a professional agency in today’s marketplace.

Contact Buzz Author in Salt Lake City or Utah County and see how we can help. We will give you a straightforward opinion about how advertising on any site may connect with your ideal customer and help you grow and be profitable. After all, that’s the ultimate goal. Isn’t it?

Making Advertising Affordable

Some marketing agencies that offer social media marketing services make money by taking a percentage of the advertising fee the social media charges you to market on their site. This method starts to get very expensive for your company.

Our philosophy is different. When you hire Buzz Author, you pay us a fixed rate every month to manage social media advertising. We set it up so you, as our client, pay the social media company directly whatever variable amount for advertising you decide to spend every month. This helps us keep the amount of money you spend on advertising with social media companies relatively low compared to other agencies. 

We know from experience that most Utah small businesses should put a higher percentage of their marketing budget into content marketing and SEO. We try to make it easier for you to do that. Finding the right balance between spending on the short term and the long term for marketing will give you a sustainable mix. Speak today with one of our marketing consultants who can talk to you about your company and help you find the right solutions for your businesses’ needs.