How to Know which Digital Firm in Utah to Trust with Your Marketing Budget

If you’ve ever experienced betrayal in life, you can rest assured you are a human; it’s normal, and life will go on. What can we learn from this experience? Some people decide never to trust again, a regrettable response. The better reaction is to learn to make wiser decisions about who to trust. The question of who to trust is an ever-present issue when you start shopping around for a digital firm to help marketing your Utah small business.

If you have trust issues, if you’ve been burned by shoddy marketing work in the past, merely looking for a marketing agency can be quite triggering. We understand your trepidation. Maybe you tried to do it all by yourself, building a homemade website, designing a logo, or hand-drawing brochures. Gasp!

Maybe you’ve gotten to the point where it’s time to admit you can’t do it all by yourself. It’s time to hire a marketing company. If so, we have some suggestions as specialists in the field to help ease your anxiety as you enter this search for the right agency to assist in your growth strategy.

You Are Vulnerable

First, it’s time to admit that you are vulnerable. Consider the fact that the moment you open for business, you are exposing yourself. Being in the limelight may not be entirely comfortable for you. Commerce always requires some level of trust with others—Whether you accept exchange of product or service for a check, a transfer of funds through a bank, or even cash, the assumption is this payment is good, whether it is or not.

You hope you’re not being conned. If someone has ever tried to rip you off, you know that not every transaction attempt is legitimate. Most people in business, especially those who accept many transactions, get stollen from occasionally. It isn’t fun when this happens. So, if you’re in business, you carry some level of risk regarding fraud, and depending on your past experiences, commerce can feel pretty unsettling for some individuals.

Do You Secretly Hate Your Customers?

It’s for this reason owners of retail companies can become quite hateful of their customers. They start to see rip-off artists in the eyes of every person standing in front of them handing them payment. Every customer complaint becomes an affront to their legitimacy as an entrepreneur, investment, and personal sacrifice. It’s a psychological state that small business owners have to fight against actively. It’s understandable but dangerous.

Who to Trust

If you are trying to grow your small company, you will likely need to hire a digital firm. But deciding who to trust in the sea of marketing agencies advertising themselves as SEO gurus can be tough to determine. Making a decision when you know you have trust issues can be painful.

Trust Selectively

The trick to managing trust in our lives is not to merely trust anyone. Nor should we go for the opposite, choosing to trust everyone. It’s not an all or nothing equation. In life, we should learn to trust selectively. We should discover who to trust in particular situations. We find a doctor to trust in health matters, a mechanic to trust in cases of car repair, a best friend to trust with personal issues, or a spouse to trust in matters of the heart. We may not trust our spouse to repair our car, but we may trust him to stay faithful as a life partner.

Ask Questions

Finding someone to trust in a select area of our life requires many questions in that first stage of knowing one another. If a lover or a mechanic has burned us, we likely didn’t ask enough questions during that “get to know you phase” of the relationship.

If you’re looking for a marketing firm, how can you know if you’ve found a company that knows how to help you digitally, that isn’t pretending to have all the answers? They may look professional or successful. Do the outward trappings of achievement demonstrate what is needed to trust a marketing agency?

Shared Values and Trust

When you’re first talking to any potential company you are thinking about doing business with, whether it’s a marketing firm, potential vendor, or business partner, find out if they have the same values. If you are merely in it for profit, be honest about that. Make sure that’s what they value too. If you’re trying to make the world a better place, it would be wise to share that value as well.

If you’ve been through a painful divorce or breakup, you know that at the heart of most splits is a fundamental disagreement about some guiding life principles. If you can’t get on the same page about money, religion, or family, you will not make the relationship work.

The Role of Values in Business

In business, establishing common values are also very important. The marketing firm you choose to work with should have a similar culture as your small business’s culture.

For example, suppose you have a small business where you’ve developed an open communication style to the point where sometimes people may even get their feelings hurt. Maybe you decided the benefits of unflinching candor outweigh the negative. You better find a marketing company that believes the same thing. But if your agency has developed the habits of being overly diplomatic, to the point where it’s tough to get clear and concise answers from them, communication can break down. Ultimately, you and your marketing firm do not share the same value system.

How Common Values Help Us Build Trust

Having a shared set of values goes a long way towards trusting your marketing company. There are many honest and competent agencies out there that can do an excellent job for you. But you’ll establish a better relationship of trust with the company that shares your values. Don’t be afraid to ask questions that help you assess what those values may be.

A Competent Digital Marketing Firm Will Give You an Honest Assessment of What is Possible for your Utah Small Business

When analyzing your industry, marketplace, or projecting what type of growth may be possible, a competent agency will give you an honest assessment of what kind of results to expect, but they should not over-promise. Marketing companies will often project numbers in surprisingly precise ways as if the future is that predictable. Nothing is entirely predictable, even on the Internet.

Google gives the number of searches for keyword searches in a month, but they’ve released less and less exact information about search data in recent years. Even with some data, there’s no way to predict with any accuracy how many customers will engage with any particular ad or piece of creative content. Much in marketing is an educated guess. We can only look at how marketing works, after the fact, in the past, with any accuracy to determine how the content has performed, make adjustments, learn, and improve the strategy over time.

We Will Figure It Out

This is the nature of how marketing works in the online world—We always create, analyze, tweak, and improve until it works. We have to believe in time, with some experimentation, we will figure it out.

Be Dubious of Easy and Simple Answers

Be very cautious of any marketing agency that gives what seems like overly exact projections, or simple answers, or makes it sound like achieving successes for you is going to be easy. It’s never easy, simple, or straightforward. The only thing any marketing agency can promise is we’re going to try, learn from what we try, make improvements, and it will take some time. Most campaigns take three to six months to get traction. This process requires some patience on your part as a small business. We know that it can be taxing for many companies with limited resources to allocate the sort of a budget to make a content marketing campaign successful, but we know it’s worth it in the long run.

We’ve seen how investing in digital marketing, social media advertising, and promoting your brand changes the game when you are patient, have a smart and steady strategy, and are willing to make consistent small tactical tweaks until the plan works.

Think about it this way: If you are married, you likely didn’t get married to the first person you ever had a romantic relationship with. Many of us had to experience lots of failed dating experiences, sometimes going out with many people for many months before breaking things off. This is the nature of relationships. It’s complicated and messy before you find a relationship that works, requiring much patience because finding this type of connection is so vital to so many life functions.

So too is finding the right digital firm incredibly important. Investing in time and money, and sometimes even failing before succeeding in the endeavor, is essential for Utah’s small businesses. When you do find the agency that works for you, that you trust, that has the same value system as you and your company, who can communicate your brand correctly, who can help you grow consistently over months and years, you will realize it was worth all that effort.

Look for More Complicated Conversations

We do a lot of work with therapy clinics that have taught us about malignant narcissists. The sign of a narcissist is they tend to regress to the simple. People who are on the other side of the narcissistic spectrum are not afraid of complexity.

When you start working with a marketing agency you can trust, you will start having very complicated conversations about your brand, goals, company culture, and what makes your company special. The discussions will take time, but the time will seem to go by fast. It will start feeling like you’re falling in love. But if you’re in a hurry to get this done, you could fall prey to a company with easy answers.

Be patient when you’re looking for the right digital firm. There are a lot of marketing agencies in Utah. If you’d like to talk with us at Buzz Author, we will help point you in the right direction.