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Many have dreamed of writing a book. Maybe you have too.

Do you have a great story idea you’ve been mulling over in your mind that you think would make an outstanding novel you yourself would love to read?

Or, are you a professional that has become a genuine expert in your field, and you feel like you have some unique insights worth writing a handbook for other colleagues or the general public at large?

But does tackling the unwritten page feel daunting?

If so, you’re not alone. Most people are experts at something. Everyone gets good ideas. You’re probably qualified to write a book about something. But the hard part is writing it.

The tough truth is that writing is a lifelong skillset. We at Buzz Author are dedicated to the technical craft of writing and have made it a lifelong pursuit. Many of us have spent decades trying to become what we’d consider “half-way decent at it.”

So, even if you have a killer idea for a novel or, if you have some fresh insights to writing a nonfiction book, it’s unlikely that you’ve invested the many years to the craft of writing. Getting started on a book can be a formidable undertaking.

Even if you want to tackle the writing process yourself, okay, we won’t talk you out of it. We can still help. But chances are you’re going to need help with the development and editing. Marketing the book in the age of self-publishing is do-able. It no longer requires a big publisher. But you’ll still need some professional guidance, and we can offer that as a digital agency.

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01: Step 1 Developing Your Project

First, we need to decide if there’s actually a book to write. It’s not worth investing thousands of your dollars on a project that can’t be written or marketed. We will guide you through an in-depth assessment of whether you have a story to tell, with useful insights to share, in an entertaining manner.

Chances are you are passionate about your project, or you wouldn’t be reading this now. But that passion can sometimes cause us to become blind to the flaws in our work. Every good writer allows his or her ideas to withstand the scrutiny of other writers. The earlier in the development process that you put your work under the heat of a little criticism, the better it will turn out.


Most writers underestimate the amount of research needed to write a book. If you’re experiencing writer’s block, chances are you haven’t done enough research. Even fiction requires a lot of research.

Most of the time, we think of research as looking up facts and figures, and there certainly can be some of that in the writing process. 

You might say, “But I’m writing a fantasy novel about a made-up world. What kind of research must I do?” 

It involves a lot of reading, imagining, thinking, and brainstorming.

The research process is more of a creative process than we usually give it credit; We need a lengthy time for exploring new ideas. Novelist Tom Clancy was famous for his in-depth research of military facts for his novels, like The Hunt for Red October, and Clear and Present Danger. But what many don’t realize is that it was his thorough research of those many obscure maritime details that gave him the creative advantage over lesser novelists. Clancy reached a point in his analysis of facts where his brain was so saturated with the minutiae of military life that his mind was functioning at a creative sweet spot—Characters like Jack Ryan sprang forth naturally. Page-turning plot twists seemed to write themselves.

We can say the same is needed for writing nonfiction. If you’re a licensed therapist with some insights you want to share with a broader audience, just thinking about your ideas is not enough. You need to organize your thoughts into patterns and structures that lead to more insights. You should be outlining, diagramming, and connecting ideas. You should be bouncing ideas off of another creative partner, who can help you get a sense of what “aha-moments” are of most value and what ideas deserve exploration.

Sometimes we discard our most interesting and exciting ideas because of all sorts of emotional reasons. Maybe we get self-conscious or feel down on our self that day. 

On the other hand, some ideas are derivative and not as brilliant as we might think they are. We might fall in love with an original idea we have, only to find out that it wasn’t ours at all. Our brain can absorb something we’ve seen on TV, or in a book, or from a movie, and reimagine it as something new. We can trick ourselves into thinking we invented it. This can happen in lots of different settings without our awareness.

This is why having a writing partner can be so useful. Whatever your creative endeavor, doing it as a team is usually better more effective. We can help supply that essential team member who understands the writing process, with an eye towards marketing the book, a perspective you need. Even if you intend to write the book yourself, we can help you edit and organize the project. If you’re new to the book writing process, we will offer someone to guide you through the project. Providing some accountability and assistance can be enormously helpful.

02: Writing Your Freaking Book

At a certain point, your notes will be pregnant, and a book will be ready to be written. It’s time to give birth to this baby. If you have writer’s block, you probably haven’t done enough research, and we’ll need to go back to the development stage. And by saying we, we mostly mean you, because you are actually the one writing this book. Even if we’re the one writing the text, if you’re the expert and author, the project needs to be guided by you. We will help you do it. We will be your guide. But your name will be at the top, so the responsibility does reside with you. 

Our team will help you know whether you’re ready for the writing process and whether you need to take some brief or long excursions back into the depths of the development process. We like being honest. And we’ll help you write a rockin’ book.

Using a Ghostwriter

If you’ve decided to have a professional ghostwriter actually write the text, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. If the book is your idea, if you’ve developed it, if it’s the end product of your hard work, you deserve credit, and you deserve your name at the top of it. You should be able to go to places where you’d want to brag to people you’re attracted to and want to impress that you’ve written a book, and do so without fear of ridicule.

The truth is that writing a book requires the skills of an English-class nerd, and then honed those skills over many years into something close to perfection. Not everyone was, nor can they be an English-class nerd. If you were someone throwing pencils at the English-class nerd, you should really look them up on Facebook and apologize, because we have feelings too, okay!

Now, if you’re serious about writing a book, it’s time to get honest with yourself about a very particular set of skills. Not everyone has trained for the day when they might have to hunt down their teenage daughter’s kidnappers and enact revenge—one deadly punch at a time. Thankfully, the character, Bryan Mills, played by the actor, Liam Neeson, in the 2008 action thriller extravaganza Taken did have just those specific abilities needed for that precise situation when terrorists ruthlessly abducted his teenage daughter. If he hadn’t trained for years to prepare him for that dreaded moment, he would have needed to find a different solution. He’d have to hire someone with those skills. In his unusual case, he was prepared to do it all with his bare fists. Perhaps a better name for that movie should have been Honest with Himself about What Skills He had Developed and Were Willing to Use to Solve this Particular Problem.

You should also be honest with yourself about whether you have developed the necessary skills to write this book percolating in your brain. Should you hire someone else to do it? Only you know the answer to that question. Just as Bryan Mills knew that he was the best person qualified to kill hundreds of terrorists in the rescuing of his daughter, you also know if you’re the right person to write your book. If you want to stroll down the magical rode of literary authorship, we applaud you and say, “Bravo!” Just be prepared to put in the hard work and preparation it takes to get the job done, with the same deadly determination as Bryan Mills.

03: Editing

Admittedly, this is the easiest part of the process for you. We will hire someone who was not involved in the writing process to edit the book, someone to give it a fresh set of eyes. Time will vary depending on the length of the book. 

This phase will focus more on grammar and readability. Editing is a rather thankless job, so be kind to your editor, please.

We love good editors and value their part in the process, and you will too, especially when you see the finished text correctly printed on the page, without typos. We hate typos with a passion, by the way, and you should too. They are evil!

(INTERESTING SIDE NOTE: Wade, the owner of our company, married a former professional copyeditor. That’s how much he values editing.)

04: AWKWARD QUESTION: Are You Ready to Pay Someone to Help You Start Writing?

We can’t answer this question for you. We have an admitted conflict of interest here because we like to get paid. We are actually in favor of getting paid, and we kind of like the idea of you paying us too. And whether you are actually financially able to pay us is one of those discussions you’ll want to have with your accountant, rich aunt, or however it is you do it (we’re pretty non-judgmental on this account as long as it’s legal). 

Anyhow, if you own a business or have a source of income that would allow funding the funding and the writing of a book, that would be something you’ll want to consider, and we’d love to help. (But, again we want to reiterate because it bears repeating, we do like getting paid, and we don’t do this for free, although that would totally be cool if we could.)

This Also Takes Some Time

You’ll want to evaluate before you commit to this project if you have enough time to write it; the amount we suppose depends on the project, but you’ll need to be realistic. We’ll want to assess what’s reasonable based on your expectations.

But let’s talk. We’ll be honest. 

(NOTE: We like being honest! It makes us feel good inside. You probably know that feeling. But there are practical reasons for being honest as well. We like being truthful when we communicate with our ghostwriting clients more than being paid for our writing services. We’ll readily admit that receiving compensation for our work is so great that it’s tempting not to be candid. It’s actually a really close contest when we think about it. But being honest is still ideal. Because when we think about it, we don’t want you or anyone to start a project with us that they can’t afford to continue and complete. That scenario is less ideal. So you feel free to be completely frank with us. We’ll be upfront with you. We won’t be offended if you’re not ready to start your ghostwriting project now. When you are ready, we’ll be excited to help. Ultimately, honesty is better for everyone in the long run.)