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Why an SEO Consultant Can Help Small Businesses Develop Strategy

Value Proposition

SEO is by its very nature long term marketing strategy. It’s based on realistic data of current search traffic. And it sets the course for at least aa year of rapid content creation. Hiring a search engine optimization specialist to think critically about your overall strategy and consider opportunities for growth and investment can be of enormous value to a growing local startup.

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Spending Time on Strategy

Most small business entrepreneurs do not think they need help with strategy. But they can become so overwhelmed by the day-to-day operation of their company, it’s easy to lose focus on the big picture and stop playing the long game.

Most business owners know there’s a lot they should be doing and could be doing, but there are only so many hours of the day. The focus ends up on tactical operations, sales, customer service, and employee management, all massive responsibilities. Taking enough time developing a well-thought-out plan, analyzing significant opportunities in markets, and pushing forward on the most rewarding opportunities becomes a luxury most owners cannot afford.

Working on Your Business, Not in Your Business

Most owners of companies start their brands because they worked as specialists within an industry, learned enough about it they felt gutsy enough to try running their own operation.

Some succeed, but many fail. They find they’ve taken on enormous investments in time in money for a job that pays less than they could make working for someone else. But there’s always the allure of running your own show, not having a boss, and the potential income from high profits and growth success.

Finding the Sweet Spot

If entrepreneurs can get to that sweet spot where they stop working in their business as an employee, spending 100% of their time researching strategic growth, training teams to manage the business independent of your daily involvement, and hiring specialists who know more and are perhaps more talented than them, shifting a “Ma and Pa” organization into a thriving investment.

The reality is you may need to gradually work your way into that type of role in your company. You may need consistent income and your profit margins may not be high enough to afford paying someone for what you do. You may look at a temporary loss in income for a short period of time before you see a larger payout through profit. This comes from disciplined delegation and a willingness to sacrifice some quality of life.

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