3 First Steps

for Utah Companies to Start Marketing with SEO

Finding a presence on the Internet is a critical component of any company’s overall marketing strategy. Getting started may seem a little intimidating at first. The great news is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketing in Utah is easier than you may think. Some small businesses choose to teach themselves how to do it. It can be even simpler if you enlist the help of an experienced marketing agency.

Here are three key steps to boost your online search presence in the coming year:

01: Understanding SEO

Marketing Utah Companies

You don’t need to be an Internet expert to understand the basics of how SEO functions. To get started marketing your company online, you need to have at least a fundamental understanding of the types of digital strategies available and their general usefulness.

How Search Engines Work

The fundamental function of a search engine is to review all the sites on the web. They index the pages, file them, and the media on each website. They then provide online searchers with relevant answers to their inquiries, matching the right user to the subject’s best webpages.

The search results page in Google and other search engines is called a SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Getting your webpages showing in the SERPs with clickable verbiage, enticing users to land on your pages, is the primary objective of SEO.

Search engines identify the keyword relevant to any particular subject. Effective keyword optimization of your site focuses each page around the most relevant keywords, increasing the likelihood users in the SERPs will discover your webpages.

The Value of Links

Links from and to related websites and internal links (links within your site to relevant pages) also play a critical role in SEO. They help search engines understand how your website answers users’ queries while routing them to other related content.

Recipe for SEO Success

A successful SEO strategy requires you have a well-structured website with technically accurate metadata, helping search engines understand your pages’ information. You also should include links connecting users with reputable and relevant sites in your industry.

Contact an SEO Marketing Master

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Is SEO the Same as Content Marketing?

When people say “SEO” they are usually referring to the technical components of optimizing a website for search engines. This can be through the strategic use of keywords and increasing the performance of a website.

When professionals talk about content marketing, they are usually referring to the creative content creation on a website and on other digital platforms like social media.

It is not uncommon to use the terms interchangeably. They are very similar concepts with slightly different connotations.

When you combine the right technical and creative content, your site and its accompanying pages will begin to climb the rankings and drive new users to your site.

02: Basics of SEO

Customers Are Looking for You

Google and the other major search engines do not provide information about how their algorithms function. However, digital marketing experts have been able to study how certain practices affect the ranking in SERPs. Over time, some generally accepted best practices have become discovered by experts. These key strategies will help search engines understand your site and show your website in the SERPs of most relevance to you.

These include:

Design with the User in Mind

It’s important to providing useful information to your visitors, always putting their needs first on every page and in every paragraph and every image.

Don’t Break Google’s Rules

Avoid keyword cramming or cloaking. Be mindful of Google’s SEO and development best practices.

Site Structure Matters

Create an intuitive hierarchy of pages on your site with a well thought URL structure and clear text links that make the process helpful for users to navigate the site.

Don’t Forget about Metadata

Use descriptive title tags and accurate page descriptions.

Use Keyword Friendly URL Addresses

The URL addresses for your pages should be readable, targeting keywords you are trying to rank for—i.e., “website.com/SEO-basics” instead of “website.com/node18394_dns9.html”

Clean Up Your Mess

Regularly reviewing your site for broken links and redirecting them to the right pages. Users don’t like using a website that is out of date, linking to pages or videos that no longer work or are not relevant.

Use Keywords Correctly

Digital marketers design an online strategy for companies they are hired to help, choosing keywords internet users are most likely to use, targeting those keywords in the appropriate places on their websites. Using keywords correctly, in a natural way, on your website, is vital. Misusing keywords can cause Google to think you are trying to cheat their system and even motivate search engines to de-index your site, something to avoid at all costs. Never put keywords as parts of media like Flash or JavaScript.

Don’t Forget to Update Your Website a Little at a Time

You Need to consistently add fresh content to your site month-after-month to stay relevant and maintain ranking on Google. Companies that perform through online marketing are consistently investing and adding to the website, rather than adding a lot all at once.

03: Get Started

Hiring Digital Marketing Professionals

There are many Utah companies offering marketing services. When shopping for an agency that provides the best fit for your small business or your particular industry, you’ll want to find a company that you think fits your business needs.

At Buzz Author, we help companies find ways to maximize their marketing budget for the ultimate impact. We aren’t the best fit for every small business, and if we’re not we’ll help you find the right digital firm or advertising agency that is.

Work with the Right Utah Marketing Agency

Finding the best SEO company in Utah to fit your marketing needs will help you achieve a few strategic objectives:

We will assist you in creating quality content, including web articles, informative webpages, infographics, and video. This is defined as content marketing and is something we specialize in at Buzz Author.

Our marketing manager will also implement a successful social media strategy, driving the right type of customers to your site and increase user engagement.

We can optimize the technical elements of your website not visible to viewers—this is referred to as the back end of your site. These technical facets include clean HTML code, smart CSS, and the best use of structured data, all vital ingredients for building a modern website. This type of activity requires the service of a highly skilled web developer.

Unless you’re willing to invest in an in-house digital marketing department, with all the expenses, overhead, management responsibilities, and risk of employee churn, you will need an agency. A digital marketing agency has the combined experience and knowledge derived from serving many customers in various industries.

A Comprehensive Strategy

Each SEO marketing tactic is essential on its own. But the right combination of tactics, smartly executed, creates a comprehensive strategy, which helps you target the right types of customers while driving the most significant volume of online traffic. All of these efforts boost your bottom line and increase your online success. Find out how our Utah digital agency can drive new customers to your doorstep and make your life a little easier.