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Value Proposition

People don’t buy products and services. They buy a firm understanding from someone else about how to define a certain problem they have. The solution to the problem may take a lot of time and resources to achieve, but customers trust advisors who understand the battle they are fighting every day, and are offering them practical options for managing it.

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We see a fair amount of confusion out there about what exactly branding is. Many marketing companies offer something akin to branding, but it can be pretty superficial. Many branding specialists are designers who are trying to sell graphic design products like a logo. Logos are important. So is your brand’s look and feel. Revamping your design choices is only one component of branding.



We offer many solutions for small businesses struggling to connect with the right customers in Utah. We can help you communicate what makes their small business special, and stands out from competitors.

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Digital Services

Are you looking for a marketing agency with the technical know-how to take your website and small business to the next level?

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Are You Asking the Right Questions?

Branding requires a much more in-depth conversation than most small businesses have about themselves:

What unique problems does your business solve for customers?

What makes your company better than your competitors?

How is your company culture special?

The targeted marketing messages you want to communicate in your marketplace should translate into images, colors, words, and phrases which evoke certain emotions that suggest these meaningful solutions you propose to solve for prospective clients. Your branding plan will affect your logo, color schemes, and website design.


Location & Brand

Speak to the People Near You

If you are trying to find customers in a local area, consider how that affects your brand. Are you speaking to the type of consumer that lives in your area?

You may need to make brand adjustments to how your business presents to customers in your area. If you are marketing to multiple local areas, you can adjust your brand to fit.


We Are Located in the Tech Hub of Utah

Utah has become a booming state for doing business. There are many digital agencies to choose from. Consider hiring a consultant to help you choose the agency that fits your local company the best.

Customer Service

& Your Brand

Your customer service strategy is affected by branding. Every employee must understand who they are representing, what makes your small business special, and why customers prefer doing business with your company.

Brand should permeate every interaction made with potential clients. A brand is a big deal, so it requires extensive conversations with your brand marketer.

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If you’re concerned that your brand needs help, contact us today. We’ll be happy to discuss your small business and see if a consultant may be able to help adjust your strategy.


Graphic Design & Web Conversion

After your brand concept has been firmly established, it is time to have conversations about what your design elements should be. We will create a preliminary brand guide, recommending fonts, colors, and some basic rules about how your company should be represented.

UX Design

User-Focused Design

A new phrase you see being used a lot in the digital marketing world is UX Design. This concept is the graphic design world’s attempt to show knowledge in online marketing services. Mobile devices have changed how sites are designed. And many graphic designers who used to work in traditional businesses have needed to shift to online services.

UX Design is a marketing conversion concept. Companies that claim expertise in this service say they are putting the customer experience front and center. But it’s also an important branding consideration. The design of your logo, website, and other material should be a product of deep conversations with a marketing consultant.

Is your website mobile optimized? Is it designed from a customer’s point of view or other interests? We will make sure your entire strategy, from SEO to branding works together into a cohesive marketing plan.