Branding with a Utah Agency

We see confusion out there about what exactly branding is. Many marketing companies offer something akin to branding, but it’s pretty superficial. Many branding specialists are designers who are trying to sell you ideas about how how to spiff up your logo or modernize your colorize scheme. Graphic design is only one component of branding. 

Branding is a much more in-depth conversation. What unique problems does your business solve for customers? What makes your company better than your competitors? How is your company culture special? 

The targeted marketing messages you want to communicate in your marketplace should translate into images, colors, words, and phrases which evoke certain emotions that suggest these meaningful solutions you propose to solve for prospective clients. Your branding plan will affect your logo, color schemes, and website design. You may need to make adjustments to how your business location presents to customers if you have one. It should affect your customer service strategy. It should permeate every interaction you have with each client. A brand is a big deal, but it’s an extensive conversation many companies aren’t having.

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