Utah SEO Consultant

Are you looking for a marketing consultant who understands the intricacies of SEO, website development, and driving traffic to your business through digital strategies?

Whether you prefer to create your own website, or you’re looking for a turnkey solution to drive leads immediately, you need to chat with the Buzz Author.

Our company is owned by Wade Mann, a senior digital marketer, who’s also an expert in digital copywriting. He’ll guide you in the right direction, helping you create a clear marketing plan, including a website content marketing plan.

We know a lot today about what consumers are willing to buy through in-depth Google search data. We know exactly how to target your online content to people who are searching for you.

But what if No One is Looking for what I Sell?

No one was searching for touch screen smartphones before Steve Jobs invented and launched the iPhone to the world.

If you’re creating a product or service that is so groundbreaking, no one even knows to look for you, you have a very particular marketing problem.

You need a marketing consultant more than anything. We will help you figure out what problems your brand solves, and whether anyone is looking for solutions to those problems.

You may also need to advertise heavily on Facebook and Instagram to put the word out about what you do, and how it’s changing the world.

You’ll also want to take advantage of free media publications, using digital content to promote your brand to news sources, offering news related announcements, which can be promoted through what’s commonly thought of as public relations.

Whatever the solution you choose, we can help you understand the opportunities, the costs, and the benefits of different marketing avenues and strategies.