Why You Need an SEO Marketing Consultant for your Utah Small Business

Are you looking for a marketing consultant? Are the sales just not happening like they need to? Have you still not invested in SEO? Are you still putting-off website development until next year? Are you still trying to do it all yourself, imagining that you actually have enough time to do it everything in-house? ENOUGH! It’s time to delegate for once.

Whether you stage of growth your company is in, or you’re looking for a turnkey solution to drive leads immediately, or you’re looking to accomplish something more strategic for your brand, you need to chat with Buzz Author¬†today.

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01: About Us

Understanding the digital landscape is the key in today’s marketplace, but there’s more to selling than considering online strategies. You’ll be surprised by the fact that we consider all marketing options, including traditional options like TV and print. Too many marketers just know one media and sell the heck out of it. That’s not how we do things.

You may also be surprised to find us actually tell you that we’re not the right fit for your business. We say, “No” more than we say “Yes.” We’re actually really particular about the type of clients we take on. We’re looking more for partnerships rather than customers. We’ve found we end up losing money when we bring on a client that doesn’t stick with us over the long-term, so it’s better for us to choose wisely.

What we will, do, if we don’t feel like we’re the right fit is to refer you to an agency that we trust that we think is better suited to your needs. LEARN MORE about our Utah marketing agency.

02: When Customers Are Looking for You

We know a lot today about what consumers are willing to buy through in-depth Google search data. We know exactly how to target your online content to people who are searching for you in a process called inbound marketing. The amount of data available to companies for marketing purposes is crazy! If you’re not taking advantage of that information, you’re insane. We want to help.

03: But, What if No One Is Looking for what I Sell?

No one was searching for touch screen smartphones before Steve Jobs invented and launched the iPhone to the world.

If you’re creating a product or service that is so groundbreaking, no one even knows to look for you, you have a very particular marketing problem. You may need to focus on outbound marketing, which can be more traditional advertising methods like television, print, and public relations. You definitely need a marketing consultant because selling your product or service is far more challenging.

What Problem Does Your Unknown Product Solve?

If your product is new, that doesn’t mean you should completely avoid inbound marketing. One trick we can use is to see if your product or service solves a problem that consumers are looking for? There may be search phrases on Google that we can rank for that specifically address this need, but it may not be obvious. This is where an advanced SEO expert can really help.

Creating a Customer Persona

Another strategy we can employ is to determine who your ideal customer is in the form of what is referred to in the marketing industry as a customer persona. By isolating some of the key features of your ideal customer type, we can then reach out and advertise to them on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

This ideal person may not know who you are, or that they want to buy your product, but when they do hear about you they will want to buy from you. By creating customer personas, some of the most innovative brands have added new products to the marketplace that many consumers didn’t know they wanted, but there clearly was an unknown demand.

Understanding Your Strategy

Whatever the solution you choose, we can help you understand the opportunities, the costs, and the benefits of different marketing avenues so we can help you craft a strategy that works for your very particular brand.

05: Start the Consultation Process Today

We know it’s hard to know who to trust out there. Start the consultation process today and find out what it’s like to work with real marketing experts who aren’t looking for a quick transaction, who actually have to deliver results every month.

The challenging aspect of our business is that we have to deliver results. We can’t fake it. We must give new leads month after month to our Utah clients, or we know we’ll be fired. Our business isn’t profitable unless our clients stick with us over the long-term, so we have to be good at this; we have to continue delivering results without fail. It’s kind of a brutal business to be in. But we love what we do. We love providing results to clients. It’s exciting seeing that happen to companies. Find out what that’s like today.